Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

On the west side of Michigan there is a phenomonon know as the "Sand Dunes". It is this crazy wonder of the world - 1875 acres of sand of which 450 is public access. It is nothing like you have ever witnessed.

We took friends that have never been before. Needless to say we are now planning an annual trip. We had a blast visiting over the weekend. Here are a few pictures I stole from one of our friends. Sadly, my camera never made it out of the case. Oh well, there is always next time :)

Getting Ready to Hit the Dunes
Greg and Johnny G. just before the fun started
The view as we entered the Dunes
Kim and A having fun in the dune buggy
Gina and Angie wiping the sand off from a fun ride around
Greg in the mud - not surprised!
We call this bromancing in the mud. Mark and Greg chit chatting while sitting in a mud hole.

Good news is that our Jeep made it home in the same condition it left in - well with a little extra mud, dirt and sand. Bad news is that Mark is going to have to spend some money fixing his. For once it wasn't us!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gatlinburg, TN

Poor Gatlinburg, they never saw us coming...

Greg and I spent a wonderful 7 days with my sister and her family in the mountains of TN. We had hoped to spend the week in the Gulf, but BP had other plans in mind. Nevertheless, we made the most of the mountains and had a blast doing it.

Here are a few pictures of our wild adventures:

There is a Chris Farley Song that goes with this picture.

White Water Rafting in the Pigeon River:
Fun, Fun Fun!!

Cades Cove - All Day Togetherness.
We saw three bears. However, Goldilocks was no where to be found.
Joshua - 13 Jaren - almost 9
Wesley & Bradley - 17

Pool fun at the Condo:

Can't wait until next year. Thank you so much Roger, Susan, Joshua, Jaren, Wesley & Bradley for a wonderful Vacation! 2011 - Gulf bound!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow!


.....and more to come tonight! Maybe getting rid of that 4x4 SUV wasn't such a great idea after all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Snowing...

I woke up this evening to a fresh 3 1/2" of snow. That's 14" of snow for a running total. From what I've heard it's supposed to keep snowing through the end of the week. But as always with Michigan weather...I'll believe it when I see it!

Our latest snow fall

We had a nice "LITTLE" snow fall starting early Monday morning.

Larry & Sarah's visit

While Larry and Sarah were here visiting Oscar took a liking as usual to our guests!

Gina's Suprise 30th Birthday!

Well we had (with a lot of help from some great friends) a Suprise 30th Birthday Party for Gina. Everything went off without a hitch and we had a great party. I had managed to get her favorite singer for the party. Eric Dove and Chico "EdoChico". We were also had a special guest from out of town, Marty Phillips.

I would like to thank everyone very much for the help with clean up, set up, decorating, food/beverages, Gina's parents for distracting her for the day.